Carol Steckel, State Medicaid Director, Resigns!!

Carol Steckel, our North Carolina Medicaid Director resigned today after 8 months on the job!!!

We had high hopes for Ms. Steckel.  We brought Ms. Steckel in from Louisiana to “fix” our “broken” Medicaid system.  Today she resigned.


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  1. Personally, I’m just really excited to hear about her severance package.

  2. What’s her severance package?

  3. The rats are starting to jump the sinking ship. The captain is a rat? Do you get a severance when you resign and take another job? As one of passengers on this sinking ship I think we are in trouble, hey pass me a life-preserver.

  4. She is leaving three days before the legislature is having an accountability hearing regarding the Medicaid transition to MCOs

  5. Wastemytimeplease

    Sounds like she decided to get outta Dodge before the ship sinks and takes her reputation with it.

    She showed up, figured out it would be easier to clean a horse stable with a teaspoon, and packed her bags!

  6. Do you have a link speaking of that hearing? I’d like to read more about it?

  7. I was hoping the person who mentioned it did. 🙂

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