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For more than 23 years, Knicole has maintained a health care litigation practice, concentrating on Medicare and Medicaid litigation, health care regulatory compliance, administrative law and regulatory law.  She understands the intricate Medicare and Medicaid payment system, the unique business of health care providers, the overlay of federal and state Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations, and actions of state agencies that affect the way health care entities operate. Knicole has tried over 2,000 administrative cases in over 30 states and has appeared before multiple states’ medical boards.  Knicole has successfully obtained federal injunctions in numerous states, which allowed health care providers to remain in business despite the state or federal laws allegations of health care fraud, abhorrent billings, and data mining.  Across the country, Knicole frequently lectures on health care law, the impact of the Affordable Care Act and regulatory compliance for providers, including physicians, home health and hospice, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals and durable medical equipment providers. She is a weekly panelist on RACMonitor, as a national expert on Medicare and Medicaid audits. Prior to joining Nelson Mullins, Knicole was a Partner with Potomac Law Group, Co-Managing Partner with Gordon & Rees, and served as North Carolina Assistant Attorney General in the Health and Public Assistance Section where she gained a thorough understanding of the Medicaid system that informs her practice today.

Knicole lives on a horse farm with her family, spending her time trail riding on her Tennessee Walkers.  And when she’s not with her horses, you can find her with her goats, peacocks, chickens, dogs and pet micro pig, who is apparently better potty trained than her English Setters. That’s some pig!

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Watch Knicole’s interview on WRAL News at www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYJpUKqUmGc.

You can also hear webinars and podcasts by Knicole on RacMonitor here.

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  1. They always say to report waste, fraud, and abuse but whenever you do, they do not investigate it even though they are aware of what’s going on. They even tell law enforcement that they are aware of the problem and aren’t going to do anything. Even when officers/detectives have 24 cases of Medicaid waste, fraud, and abuse and that’s just one detective.

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