This is not an all-inclusive list, but it is a list of blogs which are regularly updated, provide good content, and deal with Medicaid or legal issues relevant to my readers.  If you think I’m missing someone who should be included, drop me a line.

The Colorado Health Law Blog

The Hill

The Economist

The Maddow Blog

The CMS Blog

Health Affairs Blog

The Health Care Blog

The CMS Blog

Fi Med Blog

NC Medical Society Blog

NC Health News

Kaiser Health: (not a blog, but GREAT info)


  1. Trying to research McCrory’s ideas on Medicaid and bumped into this. Looks a very Right sided blog dressed up like a Legal information blog, which is very misleading for us trying to get unbiased info. Being shocked that the Indy newspaper in Raleigh is biased is like stating you are shocked Rush Limbaugh did not give Obamacare a fair shake. Also would like some insight into effeciency of Medicaid vs Private insurance. Kaiser foundation, ABC news, and others have reported that for every dollar spent with medicaid a larger percentage goes to actual care, making it a more effecient and lest wastefull plan (administrative) than private insurance.

    • Sammy,

      Thanks for your comment. Interesting perspective on my “right sided blog dressed up like a Legal information blog.” I guess, since this is my blog, my opinions will be entered into it. But I do hope that the majority of info on this site is informative and adds a legal analysis. The difference between a newspaper (whether it is Indu or not) and a blog, in my mind, is that a newspaper owes more of a duty to its readers for truthfulness than a blog does. Maybe I’m wrong, but its my opinion that printed media still hold a bit of reverence in the public’s eye. If the piece in the Indy were an editorial or opinion piece, then I would expect to see bias info. That said, I do double check all my info in my blog. If I ever miswrite facts, I hope someone will call me out on it.

      As for the effeciency of Medicaid v. Private Insurance, see the February audit conducted on DMA. Staggering numbers.

  2. Hello Nicole

    Wanted to know your review on Senate Bill 402, Law 2013-360 Shared Savings Program/With Providers. For many providers who were not prepared for the reduction, that is effective 1/1/14. ( Many providers will begin after today seeing, the 3% reduction.

    After referencing documents published about the Programs, I find it quite hard to believe that they have not provided a point of contact for Providers who’s specialty code falls under the new bill.

    I have not been able to find an “Operational” policy, so that providers can reference. I contacted Liberty Health Care today, in which a rep, stated that they are not aware of the Shared Savings Program, I responded clearly that a director from Liberty attended the meeting. When will NC get it together.

    My question is, without a current plan in place now, as to how recipients will be selected for reduction in hours, Provider Education moving forward if the Plan is truly to work with Providers. CMS published that they were not looking for states who’s objective is solely to reduce hours, well as of today, the state wins, when a provider see all claims reduced.

    I have contacted Policy and will be following up on Monday, I will even contact CMS due to the fact that, they are pushing and agenda to reduce hours, and keeping the rendering providers out of the loop. If the state has no MCO in place, and the MCO that is over Personal Care Services state they are unaware, then something is not right.

    Looking forward to your response.

  3. Note the date: Being an older person, and on medicare I have stood and fought the issues for younger people and their rights as per medicaid, food stamps, wic. And really wasn’t aware how close to home these issues would find me.. But, they have.. When I was first notified that I was going to be Great Grandmother, I cannot tell you the surge of delight, but my Granddaughter was working a minimum wage job and no health insurance, even with obamacare coming close, she still couldn’t afford the almost 300.00 a month to cover her. So, she went to Social Services and she was approved for medicaid, to cover both her and the new life she carries. 2 weeks ago, she was rushed the emergency room, in severe pain, they examined her and intended on sending her home with a prescription of percocets determining that there was nothing wrong with her but the pregnancy.. She had advised them of the very large cyst on her right ovary and her fear that it was going to harm the pregnancy, they didn’t listen, at least not until the hero doctor came rushing in from the local women’s clinic.. She checked the ultra sound and determined the blood flow to both the ovary and the tube had been choked off by the cyst and my granddaughter and her unborn child were rushed into surgery. Our hero doctor saved my granddaughter and her baby.. But the story doesn’t end, I went down to fill the prescription when I brought my granddaughter home from the hospital.. And they said, that her medicaid didn’t cover the prescription.. so I paid cash.. Several days later we went to the Doctors Office in the Women’s Clinic, and they said she wasn’t covered by medicaid.. I had my granddaughter call her Social Worker, the worker said, yes your covered it shows on the computer.. Yet the ladies in the clinic were somewhat direct advising the bill is getting higher, we might not be able to see you if they don’t start accepting your bills… The poor Social Worker said, I don’t know what to tell you, its there, you are accepted, its the system, its the system thats refusing you. Its out of our hands. Now, the hospital bills are arriving, the doctors bills, the anesthesia, the surgery, and they are huge.. All for my granddaughter to look at, to worry about, and the stress upon her… What can I do she’s ask.. I can’t afford the bills.. What am I going to do? And I the older person have found this blog, and I found the law suit, and I know that when these issue comes to court, and the evidence is being produced from both sides.. my little note to you posted on your blog is enough to say to any jury, the damage to people and doctors continue, people are suffering and they, the defendants, are not making any attempts to correct the problem.. And I ask, why isn’t a law suit being directed straight at the governor. April 22, 2014

  4. North Carolina Medicaid has once again reared it”s dysfunctional head

  5. Hundreds of dental doctors who are already taking a substantial financial hit from an emaciated dental reimbursement system are again being creamed with notices from NC Dental Medicaid; stating that the doctors are to repay Medicaid thousands of dollars for claims associated with the Women’s Medicaid Program . Medicaid states that the doctors were supposed to know that the patient’s treated were no longer pregnant!
    Keep in mind that the Medicaid verification system alluded that they were still pregnant and eligible on the dates that the patient’s were treated.
    We treat and see the patient’s that most won’t see for the least amount of money.
    We need justice .
    It’s a damn shame!

    • Toothfairy,

      You are not the first dentist to relay this message!! It’s horrible! If the Medicaid verification system cannot tell a dentist definitively whether a woman is Medicaid eligible, what is a dentist to do? Completely offend the woman and ask whether the woman is still pregnant?

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