Knicole Emanuel Interviewed on Recent Success: Behavioral Health Care Service Still Locked in Overbilling Dispute with State

Last Thursday, I was interviewed by a reporter from New Mexico regarding our Teambuilders win, in which an administrative judge has found that Teambuilders owes only $896 for billing errors. Here is a copy of an article published in the Santa Fe New Mexican, written by Justin Horwath:

Source: Behavioral health care service still locked in overbilling dispute with state

The true tragedy is that these companies, including Teambuilders, should not have been put out of business based on false allegations of fraud. Not only was Teambuilders cleared of fraud, but, even the ALJ agreed with us that Teambuilders does not owe $12 million – but a small, nominal amount ($896.35). Instead of having the opportunity to pay the $896.35 and without due process of law, Teambuilders was destroyed – because of allegations.

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  1. Is there anything that we as providers can do about this. They attempted to ruin my company with a similar story. There practices are are so unethical but it seems that we are at their mercy.

    • The only thing you can do is to ensure that you have a rainy day fund for attorneys’ fees. Non-litigious methods rarely work because they have no incentive to settle or work things out – to the detriment of Medicaid recipients and access to care. It takes a bully to stop a bully.

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