Alphabet Soup: RACs, MICs, MFCUs, CERTs, ZPICs, PERMs and Their Respective Look Back Periods

Worth a re-blog. Audits concerning Medicaid eligibility is coming tomorrow!!


I have a dental client, who was subject to a post payment review by Public Consulting Group (PCG). During the audit, PCG reviewed claims that were 5 years old.  In communication with the state, I pointed out that PCG surpassed its allowable look back period of 3 years.  To which the Assistant Attorney General (AG) said, “This was not a RAC audit.”  I said, “Huh. Then what type of audit is it? MIC? ZPIC? CERT?” Because the audit has to be one of the known acronyms, otherwise, where is PCG’s authority to conduct the audit?

There has to be a federal and state regulation applicable to every audit.  If there is not, the audit is not allowable.

So, with the state claiming that this post payment review is not a RAC audit, I looked into what it could be.

In order to address health care fraud, waste, and abuse…

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  1. I’d say “unbelievable” —but we have learned to expect the Spanish Inquisition. LF On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 11:59 AM medicaidlaw-nc wrote:

    > kemanuel posted: “Worth a re-blog. Audits concerning Medicaid eligibility > is coming tomorrow!!”

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