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The 2015 Legal Blog Contest is here!

For all you that follow this blog, thank you!  I hope that you agree that I provide you with valuable and up-to-date information on Medicaid/care regulatory issues.  At least, that is my hope in maintaining this blog.  And maintaining this blog takes a lot of time outside my normal, hectic legal career and my time as a mom and wife.  Don’t get me wrong…I love blogging about these issues because these issues are near and dear to my heart.  I am passionate about health care, health care providers, Medicaid and Medicare, and access to quality care.

If you are a follower, then you know that I try to keep my readers current on Medicaid/care fraud, federal and state laws, legal rights for health care providers, bills in the General Assembly germane to health care, extrapolation issues, CMS rulings, managed care matters, reimbursement rates, RAC audits and much, much more!

If you enjoy my blog, I ask a favor. Please consider nominating my blog for the 2015 Best Legal Blog Contest.

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  1. Done! Good luck — you deserve to win!

  2. Done, and gladly so!

  3. Jeannie Garrett

    You got my vote. Jeannie Garrett

  4. Y’all are too kind! Thank you!!

  5. Nominated. I work in the healthcare field, and am also raising a son with special needs who is now a young adult. This blog helps me to keep current on issues that affect me as a parent; that impact my patients; and are important to us all. We live in the NYC area now, but will relocate to NC within the next 10 years. Thanks for all that you do, and I hope that you’re recognized for your efforts!

  6. Done! Best of luck!! Hope you win!!

  7. Very proudly submitted my nomination for your EXCELLENT Blog!!! [😊] VERY WELL DESERVED!!! [😊] THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO TO KEEP US INFORMED!!! [😊]

    Bob Crayton

    Graham, NC

    Alamance County

    336/290.4538 (cell)


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