Traveling to New Mexico: Another Administrative Action with PCG

All right, peeps, a forewarning…there will, most likely, not be a blog post next week from yours truly.

You have read my blogs in the past regarding the flagrant violations of due process against 15 behavioral health care providers in New Mexico when they were all accused of credible allegations of fraud.  If not, see below.

See “New Mexico Affords No Due Process Based on a PCG Audit!;” “NC Medicaid: Are New Mexico and North Carolina Fraternal Twins? At Least, When It Comes to PCG!;” and “Because of PCG Audit, New Mexico Freezes Mental Health Services.”

The first administrative action as to an alleged overpayment is going forward this week, and I am flying to New Mexico early tomorrow morning.  Including travel, the administrative action will last all week…hence the probability of no blog.

I tell you what…PCG is PCG is PCG is PCG. New Mexico or North Carolina. The motus operandi is the same. (Public Consulting Group).

Details to follow the trial.

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