NCTracks’ One-Year Anniversary Is Celebrated with a Newly-Released, NCTracks, Congratulatory, SUCCESS Video! You agree?

Happy Anniversary, NCTracks!!!!  Tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of NCTracks going live.

DHHS TV released a video touting the wonderful success of NCTracks, despite its, admittedly, rocky start (The video admits a rocky start).  In the video, health care providers gush over how wonderful NCTracks is and its success.  I have no comment due to the current pending litigation. Therefore, I am merely reporting the release of the video and asking whether you agree.

See the DHHS TV video here: .

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  1. Several thoughts come to mind: 1) At least one of the interviewees seemed like they were scared to say anything other than glowing remarks. 2) At least one of them seemed like they might have been paid by DHHS to give glowing remarks. 3) Smaller departments outside of HHS…RUN!!!
    Honestly, we cannot go backwards. Forward movement is necessary. But, there is no mention of the irreparable damage done to many businesses and individuals in the transition. One year later and I’m still waiting for someone take responsibility for the disasters NCTracks has caused, not JUST the positives.
    P.S. I wish you could comment Knicole because I would soooooo love to hear what you think.

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