Knicole Emanuel to Appear on UNC-TV Tonight! Tune In at 7:30pm!

Heather Burgiss, a UNC-TV journalist, created a 3-part television series called, “Mental Health Services in NC.” Part 1 will air tonight on UNC-TC at 7:30, and I will be discussing the important topic of the current status of our mental health system in NC.  So tune in to watch!!!!

The three-part series is intended to educate North Carolinians on the current state of mental health in NC, as well as discuss the upcoming Medicaid reform consisting of the Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) for physical health services.

P.S. It is intimidating how UNC-TV interviews you, so forgive any bad grammar, etc. 🙂  During the interview, they cut off all the lights and shine a bright light on you.  It creates a strange environment in which you can hear the person asking you questions, but you cannot see him or her.  Plus, the light is super hot.

But, we will see, Heather was very nice in dealing with my novice handling of the interview.

And, BTW, when you see the scene during which I am walking down the hall of my law firm, I had a strange sensation to start doing the MC Hammer.  But I did not succumb.

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  1. Thanks, Knicole! I look forward to seeing your comments and advocacy!

  2. Stacey Turner

    Did you have an alibi when they got to the part “where were you on the night of…?” That’s what I picture with the bright light! I look forward to it. Thanks for the info and everything you do for NC Medicaid.

  3. Mary K. Short

    Should have gone with that MC Hammer sensation, but because spoiled it by telling us you didn’t, well, there’s no reason to watch! …. You do understand that comment was sarcasm?

  4. Sorry I missed it. Any way we can hook into a replay via internet?

  5. Found the answer to my question. For a rerun go to and look for the program link for North Carolina Now aired May 27 2014. You can watch the video.

  6. Just watched it and you were fabulous! Loved the hallway walk. Totally imagined you busting a move to MCH, lol.

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