NCTracks Derailed: Class Action Lawsuit Filed!

My law partner Camden Webb and I filed a class action lawsuit today alleging on behalf of medical providers who accept Medicaid in North Carolina.

Williams Mullen Medicaid Litigation Team Files Class Action Lawsuit Against NCTracks

Raleigh, NC. (Jan. 16, 2013) – This morning, Williams Mullen attorneys Knicole Emanuel and Camden Webb filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Medicaid providers in North Carolina against NCTracks, the system that processes Medicaid claims.


The suit alleges that NCTracks was launched before it was ready to be implemented, and its poor design has resulted in catastrophic losses for health care providers. NCTracks had over 3,200 software errors in the first few months of operation, and payments to Medicaid providers were delayed, unpaid, or “shorted” by over half a billion dollars in the first 90 days. In some instances, providers have decided not to accept Medicaid patients or have even closed their practices, and some of North Carolina’s most needy citizens have suffered a reduction in the health care resources available to them.   

“We’re filing on behalf of health care providers, but we’re also serving the low-income Medicaid recipients of North Carolina that rely on these providers to receive care,” said Knicole Emanuel, a Litigation Partner with the firm who handles Medicaid matters. “Since these providers have experienced financial hardship due to NCTracks, many of them are no longer able to serve the state’s most vulnerable population of health care consumers.”  



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  1. Bravo!!!!!!-i just forwarded the article’s link to the NC Psychiatrists listserv, which I was just about to take myself off because I’m so tired of all of the same old bad news and political rhetoric. God bless you both. I will stay tuned. Linda Francis MD

  2. Excellent! Thank you for your support! The transition was a nightmare and required too much time and energy on our end. Only NC Medicaid could get away with something like that!

  3. On behalf or Medicaid recipients, I am so glad that someone is stepping up to the plate to stop this insanity. Medicaid recipients are not only losing doctors but are not able to get the necessary medications without hours of attempts between themselves, the doctors and the pharmacies, all of which in the guise of cost savings is costing more in hours spent then anything else. One has to question is this a way to attempt to get doctors to get so exasperated with the never ending prior approval that they did just stop? If a person has tried all the other medications and the doctors have stated that the patient has tried the less expensive medication with no success, then why is it necessary to have to redo this every six months or more often? If the meds did not work when they were originally tried then why would they work six months later? Sacrificing the individual whether it be losing ones doctor or not getting the necessary medications is simply inhumane.

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