NC Medicaid: With Diaz Gone, Who Will Provide the Cheery Soundbites About NC DHHS?

You know you know someone like this! No matter how horrible the circumstance, they just say positive things.  You know, like a Disney character…oblvious to reality. Think about Snow White…her step-mother wants to kill her, she is run into the deep forest by a huntsman who was supposed to kill her, she is told to NEVER return home, she finds 7, extremely, short men with whom she has to live (smelly) and become their maid (dirty), yet she whistles while she works!

So to was Ricky Diaz, the communications director for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  In the face of NCTracks’ catastrophic roll out, Diaz says, “While we’re pleased with the success of the new system…”


“Although NC Tracks has processed more claims than it has denied…”


NC Tracks has now processed more than 15 million claims that paid health care providers more than $1.1 billion, according to Diaz.


Diaz said he does not feel as though the state rushed into this transition. “We processed more than 15 million claims and paid health care providers more than $750 million during July,” he emphasized.

And (my personal favorite, in a DHHS News Release after the go-live date)

“NCTracks is on track.”

“Whistle while you work…”  Well this cheery, optimistic communications director resigned.  His resignation came on the heels of providing reporters false information about the Medicaid debacle.  See my blog: “DHHS Blunder Could Cost Millions! “Oops I Did It Again.””

Ricky Diaz announced his resignation today (Wednesday, January 8, 2014) on Twitter, saying he is proud to be joining a small public affairs and media relations firm in Washington, D.C.

“Proud to be joining…” That’s our Ricky…upbeat and positive…”Whistle while you work…”

Happy Ricky

But now who will provide us with the positive soundbites for the media?

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  1. Good riddance pajama boy

  2. Joseph L Godfrey MD

    Is there a possible class action suit brewing? Sure could help to get this mess straightened out. Not to mention the sadistic enjoyment. I would wish it on my worst enemy. Who better?

  3. I’m gonna miss the Rickster…he always had an interesting perspective. I had to twist my head around 360 degrees like the girl in ‘The Exorcist’ to see things from that perspective but it was always interesting. I’m sure he’ll do fine in Washington – he’ll fit right in. Through his new job he’ll be able to say things like “…cutting foodstamps and having starving children in America is a good thing because it makes us value good nutrition all the more.”

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