CCME’s Prepayment Reviews Violate NCGS 108C-7!! Seriously!!

A few months ago I sent a public records request to the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA). I eventually received the information…today.

 I wanted to know how many providers had been put on prepayment review.  A provider can be placed on prepayment review pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. 108C-7.  I have blogged about 108C-7 before.  It is a Draconian law.  See my blog: “You Have Been Placed on Prepayment Review, Now What?” 

108C-7 states that a provider cannot appeal being placed on prepayment review.  Yet while on prepayment review, the Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence (CCME) determines which claims submitted by you are “clean.”  For the period that you are on prepayment review, you will not be paid for claims that are not “clean.”  Oh, and CCME can subjectively determine whether you should be paid and you have zero recourse for which to challenge CCME’s subjective determination.  See my blog: “NC Medicaid:CCME’s Comedy of Errors of Prepayment Review.”

The only relief for providers in 108C-7 is that “In no instance shall prepayment claims review continue longer than 12 months.”

The law specifically states that you cannot be forced to endure prepayment review for over 12 months.

One of the documents that DMA sent me is a chart with every single provider that had been placed on prepayment review.  The chart includes the number of months that the provider was on prepayment review.  But, remember, 12 months is the max per law.

CCME Chart

See the highlighted numbers? 16.  11.  34.  34.  7.  Three of the numbers are above 12….which means, three of the 6 on the first page violate state statute.

How many prepayment reviews were unlawfully conducted? (As in, DMA/CCME kept the provider on prepayment review beyond 12 months)?

75.  Seventy-five prepayment reviews violated 108C-7.  75 out of approximately 125. (I started counting each one, but my eyes kept going cross-eyed…Look how small the print is!)

Reagrdless…well over half the prepayment reviews violates 108C-7!!!  That same Draconian law that DHHS holds each provider to…DHHS (via CCME) is ignoring the plain language of the statute.

One poor provider was on prepayment review 46 months!!!! Another 45!  A bunch of the providers were in the 30s!

Why didn’t these providers protest at being on prepayment review for so long?  I have a couple of theories: (1) They are out of business; (2) They had no lawyer and had no idea that there was a 12 month limit.

Well, readers, now you know…There is a 12 month limit to prepayment review!! But DHHS/DMA/CCME is not following it. Seriously!!

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