McCrory Signed SB 553: The Legal Burden is Now on Medicaid Recipients

August 23, 2013: Governor Pat McCrory signed Senate Bill 553.  Senate Bill 553 is now Session Law 2013-397.

No words can express my disappointment.

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  1. The bill ALSO contained DOJ settlement provisions of Blue Ribbon Commission. That must be why he signed it and that’s how we all got thrown under the bus.

  2. I would be lying if I said I’m surprised by this, considering the wholesale disregard for the disadvantaged that has been shown by this administration.

  3. Wastemytimeplease

    Ah, but, this will save “the taxpayer” money (as per the Republican rhetoric), by reducing the cost of services to those who are “only cheating the system anyway”. And the electorate, despite the fact that most of them are deriving benefits from the same said system, go along with this drivel, because they have been convinced that everybody is cheating.

  4. *sigh*

    Are there ways to publicize this? While I am broadly opposed to government interventionism, if we’re going to have this program it should be logically consistent and be built to help, not hinder.

    “Let’s let the fox guard the henhouse, and we’ll hire a weasel to ensure the fox is compliant in their duties of guardianship!”

  5. Christan Carter


    What do yoiu know about Rubicon Management?

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