Day 10: Is NCTracks Working?…The Results (Thus Far)…And A New Poll

It has now been 10 days with NCTracks. I have gotten almost all complaints. But I have received a couple positive remarks.

Examples of complaints from NC Medicaid providers:

“..I stayed on the phone 57 mins this morning to only be told the complete error description for my denied claim”

“However when I submitted the info it came back with the wrong first names and the wrong email addresses!!!” 

“There is no instructions to where to go to submit the claims file. FRUSTRATED!!!”

“We are on day 3 and I have yet put in one claim!”

“Horrible. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to enter claims for days.”

Examples of Compliments from NC Medicaid providers:

“So far, so good. Payments are going through and we’re getting remittance immediately!”

Well, remember on Day 2, I drafted a poll for providers to vote on whether NCTracks was working? I have the results (thus far):

Poll revised

As you can see, 52.17% voted: “I cannot even log on!”

30.43% voted: “No claims have gone through.”

10.87% voted: “Here and there. A few claims have gone through.”

6.52% voted: “Yes, seemlessly.” (Which, BTW, someone pointed out to me that “seemlessly” is misspelled. It should have read “seamlessly.” “Seemlessly” actually means unseemly. So, I apologize.)

Regardless, 3 voters voted that NCTracks is working “seamlessly.” How is NCTracks working so well for some and caused so much frustration and loss of received-revenue for others?

I suggest another poll. In this poll, you can add your own answers.

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  1. Carole Whipp RN

    This is an absolute horror story. I cannot find anyone who has any idea how to bill for the dually eligible that require a Medicare override. How to match the list of taxonomy codes which I have never seen before to my one NPI and bill properly for regular Medicaid recipients and CAP waiver supplies. We have not been able to bill anything successfully.

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