NC Medicaid Provider Terminated Arbitrarily and Without Cause

Friday evening WRAL covered my Preliminary Injunction hearing at the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH).

Please watch:


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  1. Wow….this not surprising. If you do the right thing you get screwed. I know of several unscrupulous providers who are still billing for services who are getting reimbursed, even after being prosecuted, while legitimate providers are being squeezed out. I think cosumers and their families should march on the capitol and show them what happens with lack of services does to people. It is high time that the feds step in and make the state straighten up its act. The state did not get it right when faced with privatizing mental health/SA/DD services 10 years ago and it has gotten progressively worse. Why would any provider want to deal with the state medicaid system?

    • While I agree, Ronald, that most providers would not want to deal with the Medicaid system, I and many others are grateful to those providers who choose to accept Medicaid.

  2. Bravo! Hope to see more like this.

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