State Governor MVP for Medicaid?

Medicaid has always been a state-run program; however, because over 70% of the funding for Medicaid comes from the federal government, the federal government has always been the “big kahuna” for Medicaid. Is this all changing? It all depends (1) the next president; and (2) whether the state opts-out or opts-in for the expansion of Medicaid in 2014.

First, what happens in 2014? Obama-care happens. One of the most controversial parts of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act allows states to opt out of expanding Medicaid coverage in 2014. In North Carolina, where roughly one in five residents is uninsured, the expansion would initially add roughly 525,000 residents to the program. The number grows to 560,000 by 2019 with about 75 percent of those currently not insured.

Who determines whether NC opts-out of the Medicaid expansion? The governor!!!! Making whomever is elected governor the most important person to upcoming Medicaid. 

Republican McCrory: In the beginning of his campaign, he appeared to have a hard stance against taking federal money to expand Medicaid.  However, he has softened his stance, by indicating that we need more information on the ramifications of accepting the federal money.

Democrat Dalton hasn’t made a decision. “It’s a big issue involving a lot of money and a complex decision. He needs to study it further.”

As for how the next president will effect Medicaid? See my earlier blog, “The HUGE Quandary of Medicaid’s Future.”

With the huge decision for NC to expand Medicaid in 2014, there is no doubt about it….The Governor Matters!!! 


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