Tip #2 for Medicaid Recoupment Avoidance

Today’s daily tip for Medicaid recoupment avoidance is more of a cautionary tip rather than how to avoid recoupments. Providers: KEEP YOUR DOCUMENTS.  This is imperative. When a provider receives a Tentative NOtice of Overpayment, that provider will need to pull every document pertaining to the Medicaid recipient in question on the service date in question. Medicaid regulations dictate that providers maintain these documents, even years after discharging the Medicaid recipient. Today, with so much online, it is important to keep all the service authorizations, even if providers obtained the authorization via internet. Print off every computer screen showing an authorization. If you maintain your files electronically, make sure your system maintains these records.

Having all documents will be invaluable if you receive a Tentative Notice of Overpayment.

Also, if you do receive a Tentative Notice of Overpayment, you have FIFTEEN (15) days to appeal!! (Or request a reconsideration review).

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