Defunding Planned Parenthood?

North Carolina is trying. We are one of 6 states that has legislatively attempted to defund Planned Parenthood, but the courts have blocked all six. Obviously, this attempt to defund Planned Parenthood is based on politics. The whole intense debate surrounds Medicaid dollars, supposedly used for indigent citizens and mentally or physically disabled persons, which are being sent to Planned Parenthood and, in part, used to fund abortions. Anti-planned parenthood-ites opine that Planned Parenthood provides services for people outside the realm of Medicaid, i.e.,  rich, pregnant teen A gets an abortion so her parents never know she was pregnant. Teen A does not qualify for Medicaid; therefore, it is in violation of Medicaid regulations to provide Teen A Medicaid services. I get that. I understand the black letter law. However, conservative advocates are not presenting the argument like this. Instead, conservatives are arguing that the government should not fund abortions, which creates emotionally-charged retorts, instead of educational banter. Based on the fact that Medicaid dollars are only allowed for those persons who qualify for Medicaid, and only that fact, the courts may have it wrong here. Maybe it IS in violation of Medicaid rules to allow all women to undergo Medicaid-funded abortions. However, my opinion does NOT make me pro-life. Instead, I am pro-get-the-government-following-the-Medicaid-rules-and-stop-regulating-beyond-its-scope. 

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